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Injection Moulding of Soft PVC (Rubber Badges)

Soft PVC rubber badges are all the rage in the USA and an authentic sensual experience. This material is bound to be a hit and gives you total freedom to create whatever you like. You can choose both the shape and the colour you prefer.

Soft, fun, washable and impressive!!!

These totally authentic colours and unbreakable rubber badges offer you endless scope.

What's more, the soft PVC is elastic, great to hold and guaranteed to bring out the child in your customers. The plastic will happily withstand their desire to play around with it for hours.
Personalised production made to meet your requirements!
They can be plated, as you wish, printed, engraved by laser, squashed and washed... - yes, you've read correctly! Feel free to give your rubber badges a clean-up in the washing machine or dish-washer. Then they'll look as good as new again.

You can order your rubber badges in two different versions:


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